About the Authors

Munaf Kapadia is the Founder and Chief Eating Officer at The Bohri Kitchen. An MBA in Marketing at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, he worked at Wrigley’s and Google before setting up The Bohri Kitchen.

Zahabia Rajkotwala is marketing & communications lead at The Bohri Kitchen.

Celebrity Quotes

“This book made me cry, laugh and feel hungry all at the same time.”
Farah Khan, filmmaker

“Love for your values, respect for your culture, entrepreneurial spirit to give it life. Read the book to find out more!”
Vikas Agnihotri, former managing director, Google India and operating partner, ‎SoftBank Investment Advisers

“I’m an admirer of Munaf’s audacity and ambition. As a fellow “solopreneur”, I can relate to his bumpy but always joyous journey. There is much to learn here!”
– Anupama Chopra, film critic and author

“Munaf stands for everything I wish I had done when I was his age. His food journey inspires me, and I am sure it will inspire you as well.”
– Ranveer Brar, chef, TV show host, and author of Come into My Kitchen

“As an entrepreneur in the food business I could relate to Munaf’s stories and experiences. I love how honest, real AND inspiring his narrative is-from giving up a coveted job, the many highs and lows of the business to the realities of a deadly pandemic. I’m sure any budding entrepreneur would find value and encouragement by reading Munaf’s story.”
– Pooja Dhingra, owner, Le15 Patisserie, and author of The Big Book of Treats

“I have huge respect for the way Munaf created a delicious experience at home with his family serving Bohra food, then branded it as The Bohri Kitchen and marketed it brilliantly to make it the success it is today. He is a case study and inspiration for so many looking to enter this industry with their own ideas.”
– AD Singh, founder and managing director, Olive Group of Restaurants

“Munaf’s madness, combined with his mother’s love for home-style Bohra food, are a perfect recipe for journey worth taking.”
Sanjeev Kapoor, chef, author, and TV personality

“Persistence always goes a long way! Munaf believed in what he wanted and didn’t shy away from following his passion. His stories are not only engaging, they are also inspiring. All of us have experienced the same struggles as Munaf at some point or other and his account of them will resonate with anyone from the hospitality industry.”
Riyaaz Amlani, CEO and MD, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd

“The book is an exhilarating and honest account of Munaf’s life. It’s not just a great weekend read, but a story shows us the power of belief, the importance of persistence and that life is what we make of it. It will inspire you to stand up and do something and do it NOW. I congratulate Munaf for being so forthcoming about his entire journey, including speaking about his failures so candidly. I am definitely inspired, and I hope many more people read it and go on to help build the country through great ideas and entrepreneurship.”
Saurabh Kalra, COO, McDonald’s India (West and South)

‘One hears of catchwords like grit, persistence, ambition and passion in many a success story. I have seen it coming together in human form in Munaf. He had an insight, built an idea around it and pursued it to the point of going broke. But passion is the best motivator. This book is about inspiration, guts, and the dream to be the best. This is just the beginning of his story.’
Sunil Lulla, CEO, Broadcast Audience Research Council India

‘How do you successfully convert a great idea into reality … read this book.’
Satish Mathur, former director general of police, Maharashtra

‘This is a book about a unique journey, not a rags-to-riches story! It’s the story of a spiritual journey, a passage to find the truth within one’s heart.’
Prahlad Kakar, a man with many hats

‘As I progressed through the book it just reinforced the fact that Munaf as always, tells a great story. A story of stepping out of the relative safety net that a global corporate provides. A story of the journey of entrepreneurship and building a brand from ground up. A story of grit and the determination to pursue a dream. Read it carefully enough and you’ll find some endearing lessons for life.’
Romil Ratra, executive director and CEO, Graviss Hospitality

Author Quotes

‘Through this book, I hope to inspire you. I hope to make you laugh a little and I hope that you take away this, if nothing else-if I can do it, so can you.’
In August 2015, Munaf Kapadia quit his four-year-long career as a consultant at Google to pursue another venture – with his mother!

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