Biryani-to-Business (B2B) Opportunities with The Bohri Kitchen

Since Day 1 (a weekend in December 2014) when I conceded the battle over the Television Remote to my Mother Nafisa Kapadia and soon after conceptualised a Home Dining Experience called The Bohri Kitchen, I made it with a very simple goal –

Let’s make bohri food famous amongst non bohris

I think it’s safe to say that over the last 5 years we succeeded in doing this, mom has been spotted frying samosas somewhere between China and America on an in-flight TV screen, A Bohri Samosa salesman was on the Cover of Forbes India 2017 along with the Co-founders of Swiggy; and the Zomato app now has a label called Bohri Cuisine — but I think most importantly, if you’ve been living in Bombay in the last 5 years, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about The Bohri Kitchen and hence the Bohri Thaal. (& guess what we’ve only spent 1.4% of our overall Revenue in FY 18-19 on marketing)

Now that we’ve generated significant demand for Bohri food in Bombay (and parts of India), we need help to full-fill it. Which is why we’ve launched our B2B (Biryani-to-Business) vertical where we can supply our signature products and services to compatible retail partners.

So if you are –

A Delivery Kitchen or QSR – Do you have an existing kitchen delivering food? Does it have a microwave and fryer? This should be sufficient for you to integrate our Supply Chain into your daily operations. All of our Menu is shelf life stable, produced in HACCP and FSSAI certified facilities and most importantly is Mom-Chefs proprietary Thaal-tested recipe. Our reach is Mumbai and Pune. Benefits include the demand that comes from the pull of the TBK brand which can translate into ancillary business for your entire product mix.

Restaurant – We would love to incorporate aspects of our Cuisine into your Menu. We’ve done integrations with BAR BAR (a restaurant by the Bellona group) where we did a Bohri Tiffin concept for quite some time. We’ve introduced our Samosas at SOCIAL and Bombay Vintage. We’ve even done a Raan Burger at Woodside Inn and a Thaal Experience at Neel Mahalaxmi. In fact we’re forever on the lookout for that long term space partner where we can emulate our Home Dining Experiences.

Caterer – We love joining hands with Caterers to introduce either a TBK Station in your Buffets or even a Thaal experience depending on your clients preferences. We’ve already taken our food to Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Tirur, Ahmedabad and Goa. Our Deliverables have ranged from Authentic Veg Bohri food in Collaboration with the Taj in Delhi for a high profile wedding to setting up a Raan and Samosa station in Hyderabad for over 5000 wedding guests. We integrate either on a per person basis or labor contracts.

So in case you would like to join hands with us and create a win-win collaboration do let us know! We’re very excited about how the Bohri story continues to unfold (literally, as we’re launching a book this year with Harper Collins) and would love to make sure that as we generate demand we continue to full-fill it as well.

In case you are interested please reach out to me at with details about your existing FnB operations.

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