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Idea to raise exponential funds for NGOs during COVID crisis via a Food Delivery Aggregator (Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats etc)

1. There’s a tremendous fear about the repercussions of the curfew on daily wage workers and the like. It’s important that we do what we can to offset the impact on them. Immediately before things get completely out of control.

2. In this dire situation a lot of NGOs have emerged doing great work, collecting funds from the masses to buy essential food packets for those who need it. The need for funds is almost infinite considering the quantum of people impacted.

3. NGOs are currently raising funds through word of mouth or platforms such as Ketto.

4. While everyone wants to contribute, Indians are not habituated with the idea of making micro donations. Yet the demand is so great to do whatever we can to help those in need, that Zomato raised 10 Crs in a few days for their NGO Feeding India.

5. My hypothesis is, if we combine this eagerness to help but convert it into an action that Indians are very comfortable doing. ‘Buying food online’.

6. Zomato/Swiggy should enable a ‘pay it forward menu’ on their apps. Where users can continue doing what they’re already massively accustomed to, but do it for those in need. Eg. Buying a meal for a Migrant Labourer via ___ foundation. Rs 150.

7. There are no complex logistics involved. The money simply goes to the NGO.

8. To make the idea even more exciting and leverage the network effect, Restaurants can be roped in.

9. Restaurants will be asked if they would like to also add the “Pay it Forward” menu on their existing menus. If a Restaurant is not delivering during the curfew they would be enabled with only this menu. If a Restaurant is delivering, this menu will be an additional category of items available on their larger menu.

10. Restaurants can also be given the option of enabling ‘Buy one Get one’ , i.e for every donation made by a user, the restaurant can match it (to a limit they’re comfortable with).

11. Every day, a Sale Report can be shared with the Restaurants on how much donation they successfully raised. With the high performers being acknowledged on Social Media or a Ranking on the app.

12. I feel the combination of ‘Eagerness to Help’ + ‘Familiarity with a food ordering App’ + ‘Network effect of Restaurants’ will lead to a potentially never seen before fund raising campaign. Something we desperately need in the never seen before circumstances that we find ourselves in.

To anyone who wants to attempt this, please feel free to reach out and ask for my help. I’m very happy to help you give this a shot, completely pro bono ofcourse.

Munaf Kapadia

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